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Cassandra Andrews

Cassandra is an employee engagement specialist and motivational map practitioner.  With over 18 years ‘people’ experience in a variety of sectors, she has seen first-hand the transformational impact employee engagement can have in a business.

She believes if you understand what motivates individual employees, you can deliver a great ‘Employee Experience’ and in turn create high performing teams who are committed to the long-term vision and profitability of a business.

Norfolk ‘inherited’ Cassandra five years ago and she is relentlessly passionate about the county; it’s incredible businesses and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life; rich in culture and big skies!

Cassandra founded Engaging Norfolk in 2018 to help all Norfolk businesses understand the power of employee engagement in both attracting and retaining great talent.

When she isn’t ‘Engaging Norfolk’ Cassandra owns a Norfolk based employee engagement consultancy and is an Ambassador with the Norfolk Institute of Directors.  Cassandra embraces work life integration actively pursuing many of her other passions; theatre, travel, live jazz, photography and running!

Brian Bush

Brian is a specialist in human connection and relationship development. Having progressed his understanding of people through a successful 35 year career involving start-up to large business in the public and private sector he is happiest in his beautiful home county of Norfolk.

Driven and passionate to raise the profile and engagement level of Norfolk organisations Engaging Norfolk was the perfect platform for Brian to get involved with.

Once Cassandra had explained the background and aspiration it was a very simple yes. Alongside Engaging Norfolk Brian runs a Learning & Development consultancy, is part of a regional coaching network and involved in a growing Norwich based software business.

Brian lives in South Norfolk with his wife and has 3 children and enjoys cycling. He is also passionate about music having been a punk in his teens and coaches a youth football team. He is also actively involved with two charities regarding Type 1 diabetes having been diagnosed in 2016.

Adam Barnes

Adam is a design and image specialist creating work people care about across all channels. These days it’s easy for people to avoid things that don’t matter to them.

Producing work that people care about has never been more important. Whether it’s brands, websites or photography, I strive to produce distinctive, engaging touch points that people want to interact with.

Ideas wrapped in intelligence and wit to engage with and stir the audience. You don’t do better until you do different. And creating difference is what I do best.

25 years in creative digital space. Government and major corporate clients with London agency Domarn Group. Fonts design with Linotype, London.

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